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Bankruptcy - Chapter 7 and Chapter 13


You might be suffering from burdensome debt and looking for a solution to your financial difficulties.  This search may keep you up at night, disturb your sleep, cause marital strain, and reduce your ability to focus at work.  You have tried consolidating your debt, balance transferring, borrowing from retirement, or gone without making payments, but it only makes matters worse.


At the very least, you should be getting advice from a professional with many years of experience counseling people with financial problems.  If you find yourself struggling to find an answer to your debt problems, I can help you navigate these complex decisions toward a fresh start.


You are not alone, millions of Americans, at all income levels, have gone through bankruptcy.  In my 18 years of practicing bankruptcy law, I have assisted individuals from all walks of life and from countless professions.   I have assisted people of all ages from younger individuals to seniors trying to financially survive in retirement.  I have assisted small business owners to get them back on the path of prosperity or to wind down a failing business.  I can help you.


I offer compassionate personalized advice and guidance.  After working 18 years for a large high volume law firm, I chose to start my own practice so that I could give clients more personalized attention.   I will personally handle your case from beginning to

end.  I will fully explain the bankruptcy law, the process and be






available for questions.   I will appear in court with you.  I have always felt that my job is to use my knowledge of the law and my practical experience to give you the best advice possible and to make you feel at ease.


Your first consultation to discuss your financial situation is free.  I will review your monthly income and household budget, your assets and property, and your outstanding bills or financial obligations.  After doing so, I will provide you clear advice as to your options regarding your situation.  Sometimes a bankruptcy is not necessary and there are things that an individual can do to solve their financial situation.  However, there are times when given all the variables, both legal and practical; a bankruptcy makes the most sense.



Options for individual bankruptcy filing:



Chapter 7

Complete debt discharge bankruptcy

Discharge unsecured debts

Stop garnishments/judgments

Can keep home/cars and 401k (most cases)


Chapter 13

Debt reoganization bankruptcy

Stop home forclosure

Reorganize small business debt while staying in business

Repay income tax debt without additional interest


Some people view bankruptcy like it is the ultimate life failure, something you avoid at all costs.  Contacting a bankruptcy attorney for financial advice is usually the last thing people want to do, but it may be the best option and the first step toward freedom from debt.  Debt ruins lives.  Bankruptcy can help you rebuild it.


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